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Do you wish to advertise within the metaverse?
Infinity Void offers a plethora of locations within the metaverse for advertisement. Users can select from the available location at which they would like to advertise. If you wish to advertise, please visit

Procedure For Booking

Step 1: Choose the location where you wish to advertise.
Step 2: Select the duration for the ad and upload the image. Please note that the image for the ad must comply with our platform's terms of use. Remember to upload the image of the size as mentioned on the site.
Step 3: Fill out the link for the landing page of your ad. This is where the users would be redirected if they interact with your ad.
Step 4: Click on proceed to pay the mentioned fee in ETH.
Step 5: Your submission will go under moderation. It usually takes 48-72 hours for the ad to go through our moderation process. If your ad violates our terms of use, our team will reach out on your registered mail id for further clarifications otherwise you will receive a mail for confirming the approval and publication of your ad.
Refund Policy: If your submission gets rejected due to a violation of terms of use, the fee that was paid for the Ad will be refunded (under deduction of gas fees) within 7 working days from the requested date. In case the ad gets approved there is no refund policy applicable.