Preset Modular Buildings

A convenient and efficient way to transform your land parcels

Adding Preset Modular Buildings

You'll be presented with a plethora of building designs to choose from. Browse through the collection to find the perfect fit for your vision.

In order to know how to reach to this building selection page, check out the Land Parcel Customization

These pre-designed structures are categorized into three types, each serving a specific purpose:

  • Ground Structures: These modular buildings are specifically designed for the ground floor of your parcel. They add a foundation to your virtual creation, ensuring your space has a sturdy base.

  • Upper Structures: Upper structures are tailored for the upper floors of your building. You can add upper floors to the building if you have already selected a model for the ground floors.

  • Static Buildings: If you're looking for a comprehensive building without the need to assemble individual floors, static buildings are the perfect solution. These complete sets come pre-built, providing a hassle-free way to enhance your parcel.

Choose the combination you like and click on publish.

Your selected combination will be made instantly live on your land parcel.

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