Project Settings

Infinity Void Unreal Engine SDK - Getting Started

The settings mentioned on this page are crucial to ensure the proper functionality of your project. Please follow the instructions below to modify the necessary settings.

Maps & Modes

In the "Project Settings" section, locate the Maps and Modes category. Here, you will make several important changes.

Default Game Mode

Set "Default Game Mode" to BP_IVGM

Game Default Map

Set "Game Default Map" to Lobby

Server Default Map

Choose the map you've created for your game experience and set it as the Server Default Map. Server Default Map field will be visible after clicking the Advanced options.

Game Instance Settings

Scroll down to the "Game Instance" section. Set Game Instance Class to BP_IVGI

Input Settings

Still within the "Project Settings" section, locate the "Touch Interface" category.

Always Show Touch Interface

Set Always Show Touch Interface to True

Default Touch Interface

Set Default Touch Interface to none by clicking on the clear button shown within the dropdown of the default touch interface options.

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