3D Custom Model

Upload custom 3D model to your land parcel

When adding your own custom 3D models to your land parcel, it's essential to adhere to a few fundamental guidelines:

File Type and Size Limitations:

  • Accepted File Type: .GLB

  • Size Limit: 10MB per 300sqm of your parcel

  • Max Height: 48 meters for 300sqm parcel

Use PBR materials (except V-RAY) for your model.

Export From Blender

To guarantee compatibility and optimal performance, we recommend exporting your custom model as a GLB file using Blender and adhering to the guidelines mentioned below.

X-axis should extend from the back of the model, pointing outward towards the front, as depicted in the image below.

Same axis orientation must be maintained as seen in the image below

Model must be located at the origin (0,0,0)

Using Plot Reference Model

In order to correctly design your 3D model based on the plot's dimension we offer a Plot Reference Model that you can download from the details page of your land on the dashboard. This model serves as a blueprint, clearly indicating the dimensions of your plot and entry points.

Dimensions pertain to the plot only. Inside your realm, you have the creative freedom to build as extensively as you wish.

Uploading Your Model

In order to know how to reach to this building selection page, check out the Land Parcel Customization

You can upload your custom 3d model on this page and click Submit For Review

Evaluating Your Model

Once you upload your model, it will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the Model: Our team of experts will assess the technical and aesthetic quality of your model. This includes factors such as textures, geometry, and overall visual appeal. We're dedicated to showcasing the best of the metaverse, and high-quality models contribute to this goal.

  2. Dimensional Adherence: Your model should seamlessly fit within the dimensions of your land parcel. Ensuring that your creation aligns with the plot's dimensions is vital for a cohesive and immersive experience within Vaikunth.

  3. Guideline Compliance: To maintain a harmonious environment for all inhabitants of Vaikunth, it's essential that your custom model adheres to our community guidelines. This ensures that the content remains respectful, inclusive, and engaging for everyone.

The Path Forward

Upon successful completion of the review process, your custom 3D model will automatically be integrated into your land parcel.

In the event that any adjustments are needed or if your model doesn't meet the criteria outlined above, our content moderation team will reach out to you via your registered email address. We value open communication and are here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your experience with Vaikunth remains exceptional.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

The Custom 3D Model Review Process is a reflection of our dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and community engagement within Vaikunth. By maintaining these criteria, we collectively contribute to the vibrant and immersive metaverse that we're building together.

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