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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Check out some frequently asked questions!

What equipment or software do I need to play in Infinity Void?

You can check hardware requirements from here.
  • Can I play on a mobile device? Yes.
  • Can I log in from multiple computers? Yes, you can run Infinity Void from multiple computers.
  • Can I use a different browser? While it may be technically possible to use another browser than supported, we don't recommend this since it might have unexpected results.

Do I need a wallet to play in Infinity Void?

If you want to fully enjoy the Infinity Void experience, we recommend you get yourself a digital wallet. Digital wallets work as your personal account, keeping all your digital assets (such as names, collectibles, LANDs) and in-world progress safe. However, you can play without having a wallet.
If you choose to experience Infinity Void without a wallet, the information will only be locally stored: you will be able to walk around, customize your Avatar and chat with others in-world, but you won’t have the chance to receive daily rewards, participate in events or log in with a different device using the same ID and Avatar.

I lost my digital wallet! What happens with my account?

If you lose access to your wallet you will lose your Avatar, name, any of the wearables or NFT items stored within. Please remember to store your wallet recovery pass phrases in a safe and secure location and have a backup in place.

What is Finity?

Finity is Infinity Void’s fungible, ERC20 cryptocurrency token on on the Polygon network. The Finity token is burnt or spent in exchange for in game assets.

Can I claim my Avatar name later?

Yes. Visit the Mint Unique Name page to mint it. All you need is an installed digital wallet. If the name you require is already minted you can try buying it from the secondary market.

How can I report a player?

We are still working on an artificial intelligence-based player reporting and blocking system. Therefore, we request you to mail us at [email protected], if you wish to report and block any player.

What is LAND?

A Virtual Land Parcel is a digital piece of real estate in Infinity Void's metaverse. These parcels are permanently owned by the users and developers. These virtual land parcels can be purchased from the official website or NFT marketplaces. This gives users full control over the environments and applications that they create.

How can I buy LAND in Infinity Void?

You can visit the Map page to buy currently available virtual land from Infinity Void. You can also buy land from the second market.

What does ‘owning’ virtual LAND mean and how does it work?

LAND within Infinity Void is represented by non-fungible tokens (meaning that each is unique and cannot be replicated) that track ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning LAND within Infinity Void is akin to owning any other unique, crypto asset like Bored Ape Yatch Club or CryptoPunks, however you will be able to use your LAND within Infinity Void to build three dimensional spaces and applications. LAND is built on our ERC721 standard, making it a digital asset that can be traded with other users, like other digital assets.

I need support! Where can I contact you?

Join our Discord and visit our #support-ticket channel to create a ticket and ask whatever questions you have. We’ll answer as soon as possible. Our friendly community members can help too. While you’re there why not check out some of the other channels to learn more about Infinity Void?