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Hardware Requirements

These are the minimum system specs required to successfully run Infinity Void
Infinity Void Metaverse can be accessed either through browser or a downloadable client. For the browser client we use cloud rendering technology. Each and every frame is being rendered on the cloud and being streamed to your device's browser. We strongly suggest using our browser client only if your current device doesn't meet the hardware requirement for the downloadable client mentioned below.

Downloadable Client

Mentioned below are the minimum hardware requirements for the downloadable client.
Operating System: Windows 10
Memory: 8GB RAM
Processor: Intel i5
Graphics: Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1650 or similar with minimum VRAM of 8GB
Internet Speed: 10 Mbps
The mentioned requirements are applicable as on date. It may change as the metaverse progresses.

Browser Client

Mentioned below are the minimum technical requirements for the browser client.
To ensure optimal performance, the device should be connected to a high-speed internet and a low network latency.
Download Speed: 10 Mbps
Devices: Any device (desktop, laptop or mobile) can access the browser client. This includes devices that run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
Browser: Our browser client runs on WebRTC supported browsers:
  • Chrome / Chromium / Chrome Android / Chrome iOS 72+
  • Firefox 68+
  • Safari 12 +
  • Edge 79+
  • Edge Chrome 72+
  • iOS 12+
  • Opera 63+
  • Android 9+
  • Samsung browser