Interactable Elements

Infinity Void SDK offers built-in functionality for enabling interaction with elements within your scene. To make actors interactable, there are two methods available:


This blueprint simplifies the process of creating interactive elements in your scene. Here are the steps to make an actor interactable:

a. Duplicate the BP_InteractableBaseChild blueprint.

b. Open the blueprint editor.

c. Select the visual mesh you want to make interactable.

d. Drag and drop the actor into your scene.

Inside the blueprint, you have the flexibility to:

  • Add custom logic for interactions.

  • Modify the displayed text when the user aims at the object.

  • Toggle interactability using a boolean, which can be useful for scenarios where you want to restrict user interaction with the actor based on certain events or conditions.

IVIInteractable Interface

If you want to make a class interactable other than actors, such as pawns, you can do so by following these steps:

To begin, navigate to the custom class you have created and open it.

If you wish to make this class interactable, rather than actor classes, follow these steps:

a. Open Class which you would like to make interactable.

b. Under Class Settings scroll down the Interface section, select IVIInteractable.

c. Implement your unique interaction logic in the event graph.

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