Land Parcel Customization

3D Models: Your Virtual Show Windows

Imagine your land parcel as a shop on a bustling street. The 3D models you upload act as captivating show windows that passersby can't help but glance into. These models don't possess interactive elements or functionality on their own, but they serve as visual cues, offering a glimpse into the theme or concept of your land parcel. Much like a book's cover, these 3D models entice others to explore what lies within.

Bigger Parcels, Greater Visibility

Just as a larger shop window attracts more attention, the size of your land parcel directly influences the size of your 3D model. Larger parcels grant you more space to showcase your vision, making your "virtual shop window" more noticeable and engaging. This size-visibility connection ensures that your creative efforts don't go unnoticed, drawing in curious explorers to experience what you've crafted.

Transition to Your Realm

When visitors approach the 3D model on your land parcel, they will see an option to "Visit Parcel." This option is like an invitation to enter through the door of your shop and experience what's inside. Clicking on this option initiates a seamless transition into a separate realm—your realm. This realm is a dedicated digital space that you've crafted using Infinity Void's tools. It's here that the scene depicted by your 3D model comes to life.

Interactivity Inside Your Realm

Inside your realm, you have the creative freedom to build an interactive and immersive environment. Picture it as stepping into your shop where visitors can fully engage with the offerings. You can incorporate various elements such as buildings, landscapes, characters, activities, and more. Unlike the 3D model on your land parcel, your realm is not constrained by size or other limitations. It's a canvas for you to realize your creative vision fully.

Options for Land Parcel Customization

We provide you with two distinct options to transform your land into a creative showcase:

  1. Preset Modular Building: If you're looking for a hassle-free way to customize your land, you can choose from our preset modular buildings. These ready-to-use structures offer a quick and convenient solution, saving you time and effort while still letting you showcase your unique style.

  2. Upload Your Own Models: For those with a specific vision in mind, you can upload your own custom 3D models. These models serve as the visual gateway to your land parcel, offering a glimpse into the essence of your creation.

Visit Dashboard and navigate to the Virtual Land Parcel tab.

Locate the Details/Settings for the virtual land parcel where you want to incorporate a building.

Scroll down to find the option to Upload New Model and click on it.

The upcoming sections will guide you through the process of selecting modular presets for your land and uploading a custom 3D model.

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