01. Persistency Among Worlds

Welcome to the exploration of Infinity Void's first core principle—Persistency Among Worlds. In this chapter, we delve deep into the revolutionary concept that reshapes how you interact with the digit

What is Persistency Among Worlds?

Traditionally, digital experiences have been confined within silos, each platform or virtual world operating independently. With Persistency Among Worlds, Infinity Void introduces a paradigm shift. Imagine a seamless transition as you traverse between virtual environments, carrying your identity, preferences, and data with you. From a serene medieval village to a futuristic space station, you remain you—a user-centric approach that turns isolation into continuity.

Experiences Built in Infinity Void

You might be wondering, "Are experiences built in Infinity Void automatically persistent?" The answer is yes. When experiences are constructed within Infinity Void, the persistency is inherent. Your digital journey becomes an unbroken thread across different virtual worlds, enhancing the depth and richness of your interactions.

Freedom of Development

However, we're not here to dictate the tools you use. Infinity Void doesn't confine you to a specific development framework. You're free to employ tools like Unreal Engine, Unity, or others that resonate with your creative process. Here's where our Connector plugin comes into play. This plugin ensures that the experiences you craft outside of Infinity Void become seamlessly persistent within our platform.

Your Identity, Your Continuity

The Connector plugin bridges the gap between your external development tools and our metaverse. It harmonizes your creations, granting them the power of persistency that Infinity Void champions. Your in-game achievements, interactions, and relationships transcend individual experiences, creating a holistic journey through the metaverse.

Persistency Among Worlds transforms disjointed virtual environments into a harmonious, continuous tapestry of experiences. As you journey through the realms of Infinity Void, let this principle guide you toward a digital landscape where you're the constant, and the worlds are your canvas.

Onward to the next chapter as we uncover more of Infinity Void's core principles.

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