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This page contains all the links to our official collections and mint pages. We don't have any other collections except mentioned on this page.
Page Name
Mint Virtual Land
Mint Unique Names
Affordable Land Parcel Collection (V1)
Luxury Land Parcels Collection (V1)
Ultra Luxury Land Parcels Collection (V1)
Infinity Void Land Parcels Collection (V2)
Infinity Mall & Metaplex Collection
Infinity Void Names Collection
Clarification Note*: All the purchases made for virtual land before June 30th appears in the V1 collection while all the purchases made after June 30th appears in the V2. Earlier there were different collections for each category of land. However, after receiving request from the community we created a new contract which contains all categories of virtual land minted after June 30th with their category marked under the trait section of the NFT. Over a period of time, we will migrate the NFTs in V1 collection to V2 collection.