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Infinity Void Scenes

Know more about Scene NFTs and its utility.


Scene is the 3d content which lies on your virtual real estate. In the Infinity Void ecosystem, each scene which the users create is represented by an NFT on the polygon blockchain. This implies that anyone could create and develop scenes either for themselves or for others. Ownership of virtual land parcel is not required in order to create a scene nft.
Once a scene nft is minted on our platform, users could go to their dashboard and select the which scene to deploy on each virtual land parcel/mall unit.
Scenes inside Infinity Void could be developed in two ways -:
  1. 1.
    Creator Tool: The Infinity Void creator tool is an in game tool which enables you to create environments and scene with drag and drop functionality. The creator tool provides a vast options of colors, materials and assets. You don't require any knowledge of 3d to use this product. Before buying a scene ensure that it is in accordance with your size of virtual real estate. To know more about this tool you could visit.
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    Infinity Void SDK: Infinity Void SDK is a tool powered by Unreal Engine 5. Users who are familiar with Unreal Engine and wish to develop advance scenes, games, interactions could download our template project from the GitHub repository and could start working on the project inside Unreal Engine 5. It offers a lot of flexibility. The SDK is also equipped with vast range of materials, models, and functions which users can use out of the box without developing them again. Once done with the project, users could publish the scene inside the Infinity Void metaverse by uploading the .pak files via the dashboard.