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What is the utility of Virtual Land Parcels?

Owning Virtual Land Parcel opens up a door of many possibilities for you. Find out what they are.

Create 3D structures

You can create any 3d structure on your land whether it's an apartment or any commercial building. There is no restriction on what you can create on your land.

Monetise Experiences

You can monetise these 3d structures by opening virtual showrooms for NFTs, developing games on it, creating experiences on it, etc.


Virtual Land Parcel owners can also choose to rent out their assets to any third party. Doing this will allow the virtual land parcel owner to monetise their asset if they themselves do not wish to build an experience on it.


Owning Virtual Land Parcels will allow you to stake your assets to earn passive rewards in the form of Finity tokens.

Organise private events

By owning a virtual land parcel you can host virtual private events for example concerts, meetings, parties, etc. You can restrict the public at large from entering your virtual land parcel by giving access to people based on their wallet address or nfts.
Tickets can be created in the form of NFTs, where only particular NFT holders can access a certain land parcel. Others, that doesn’t own the NFT ticket, will not be allowed to enter that virtual land parcel. This model can be used when hosting exclusive concerts or parties


Conduct meetings/conferences just like you would do in the real world but with a feel of a physical presence.

Shopping & Entertainment

Infinity Void enables its users to sell and buy products within the metaverse. Experience your products in 3d before buying it! Showcase your products to existing and new customers.


Enough of business stuff! Like any other open-world game you can experience Infinity Void and take part in various quests, P2E games, and explore our large city map.