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Virtual Mall Unit

Learn more about the first shopping mall in the metaverse
Virtual Shopping Mall located in Infinity Void metaverse is a 3d environment of a mall. The mall consist of multiple showrooms/shops called "Units". Each Virtual Land Parcel is a unique, non-fungible ERC-1155 token on the Polygon blockchain.
Users can create their own virtual showrooms in such units. They can carry on activity ranging from selling virtual goods to displaying NFTS. Users can also rent out these units.

What is the difference between Virtual Land Parcels & Virtual Mall Unit?

The difference between the two is exactly the same that we notice in the real world. On virtual land parcels there is no restriction on what you create. While in virtual unit you can only use them as showrooms. In short they must be used for retail purposes. You would be able to create showrooms on virtual land parcels as well but as we all are aware that showrooms located in the mall experience higher footfall as compared to showrooms developed individually on a piece of land.

Availability of Mall Units

There were total 192 virtual showrooms in the Infinity Mall & Metaplex which were all sold. Virtual Units can be bought from the secondary market.