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Inventory Management

Learn how to manage your inventory using dashboard.
Welcome to the Infinity Void Ecosystem's inventory management page! You can easily manage the digital assets you own within the Infinity Void metaverse. These assets are divided into the following categories:
  • Virtual Land Parcels: These are the land parcels that you own within Vaikuntha City.
  • Virtual Mall Units: These are the mall units present in the Infinity Mall & Metaplex.
  • Experiences: These are the scenes you have created for land/mall units and minted as NFTs.
  • Unique Names: These are the ENS subdomains for the Infinity Void Ecosystem.

See Inventory Details

When you hover over any NFT on the inventory page, you will be presented with several options. The "Details/Settings" button will take you to a "details page" for that particular NFT, where you can manage the asset. This option is available for virtual land parcels, virtual mall units, and experiences. The "View on Opensea" option will redirect you to the Opensea page for the NFT.

Filters/Search Option

At the top of the inventory page, you'll find a search bar and filter. The search bar allows you to search for a specific NFT by name, and the filter allows you to view NFTs in specific categories. With these tools, you can easily find and manage your digital assets within the Infinity Void Ecosystem.