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Basic Terms


Short for decentralized application, a dApp is any application that is designed to run on a blockchain network, like Ethereum.

ERC20 Token

A fungible (reproducible or interchangeable) token built using an Ethereum smart contract according to the ERC-20 Token Standard. FINITY is Infinity Void’s ERC20 token.


A decentralized platform for building applications based on smart contracts. Infinity Void uses Ethereum for its Virtual Land Smart Contract. For more information, please visit
Polygon is a Layer 2 solution built on Ethereum. This sidechain is created to help Ethereum expand in efficiency, security, size, and usefulness. Infinity Void uses Polygon for its in game assets smart contract

Fungible Token

A fungible token is any token whose fundamental unit or characteristic is interchangeable with other tokens of the same set. In other words, fungible tokens are not unique. Examples of fungible tokens are Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Vaikuntha City

The finite, traversable, 3D virtual city within Infinity Void is called Vaikuntha City (meaning: abode of the divine).


LAND is a scarce, non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum smart contract that represents the parcels of virtual land parcel within Infinity Void.


FINITY is infinity Void’s fungible, ERC20 deflationary cryptocurrency token limited to a total original supply of 90,00,00,000. FINITY’s purpose is to allow users of metaverse to transact within the metaverse. Additional utility of the token is added from time to time.

MetaMask Wallet

A browser extension that allows you to access and run dApps without running an entire node on the Ethereum blockchain. For more information, and to install MetaMask please see

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

In contrast to a fungible token, non-fungible tokens are unique, distinguishable digital assets. The information contained within a non-fungible token is unique to that token, like a serial number or plot number in Infinity Void. This means that one non-fungible token can never be swapped, or exchanged, for any other token.

Land Parcel

Land Parcel means any virtual land present in the Infinity Void (affordable, luxury, ultra luxury)


A level within Infinity Void comprises the 3D objects, textures, scripts, codes and audio content rendered on a LAND parcel or group of parcels.

Smart Contract

A smart contract is simply a program on the Ethereum blockchain that facilitates and verifies digital transactions. Ethereum smart contracts enable developers to build decentralized applications that can track and transfer ownership of digital assets on a trustless network.
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