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Open Air Theatre

Location: Block 5, Sector A-2, Vaikuntha City, Infinity Void Metaverse
This open-air theatre lies in the heart of the A-2 sector in block 5. Having a capacity of more than 10,000 users, this open-air theatre will be one of the famous community hotspots in the city.


The open-air theatre is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology which enables it to provide the top-notch functionality -:
  • Stream live videos: Live events ranging from sports to news. could be streamed in real time.
  • Play prerecorded videos.
  • Host performances: Watch artists perform on the stage in the form of their avatars.
  • Host events like product launches, ticketed concerts/events, press conferences, AMAs, etc. Let your avatar take up the stage and perform functions on your behalf.
  • Screen Share: Integrated with Zoom; you would be able to share your device's screen while hosting an event.
  • Expression Functionality: If using VR your avatar would replicate your facial and hand expressions in order to provide more immersive experience. This enables to connect with the virtual world at a higher level and convey your thoughts to others with ease. (VR client to be released soon!)
  • Organise Giveaways: Organise giveaways in the form of treasure hunts. Players can collect the hidden coins inside the theatre and later redeem in the form of a NFT, token, etc.
  • Communication: Ability to interact with the people present there via voice and text chat. (Currently, everyone present in the open-air theatre is permitted to speak in voice chat. In later releases permissions would be based on the type of event and host's preferences)

Open Air Theatre Schedule

To be released soon!

Organize Event

Would like to organize an event at the open-air theatre? Write us at [email protected]