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Welcome to Infinity Void's official documentation and help resource

What is Infinity Void?

Infinity Void is a hyper-realistic open virtual reality platform powered by Web3 and Unreal Engine 5. Its users will be able to explore, socialize, build and monetize from their created content, virtual land ownership, and in-world activities.
Using Infinity Void's in-world builder tool, users, artists, architects and designers can create unique assets and experiences to be used by themselves or shared with other users. Assets created by the before mentioned users can be monetized to earn passive income.

Virtual Land Parcels

The finite, traversable, 3D virtual city within Infinity Void is called Vaikuntha City (meaning: abode of the divine). Vaikuntha city is divided into sectors consisting of virtual land parcels identified by unique plot numbers. Users can purchase virtual land from Infinity Void official website or from secondary NFT Marketplaces. The unique ownership of the virtual land will be transferred from the seller (Infinity Void or other users) to the buyer (user) via a process called minting (creation) of a non-fungible token stored on the Ethereum blockchain. In case the virtual land was owned before by another user it is already minted and it will not be created again but the unique non-fungible token will be transferred to the new owner. In both cases, the buyer of the virtual land will get full control over this land within the virtual world to build on and use or to monetize on it.
Each virtual land parcel in Vaikuntha city is accessible for users via roads or teleport functionality. The 3D virtual city consist of all basic infrastructure like roads, landscapes, water bodies, etc.