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Welcome to the Documentation for Infinity Void
We are excited to introduce you to Infinity Void, a cutting-edge Platform for the open and interoperable virtual world. Infinity Void offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that empowers developers, businesses, and organizations to transcend traditional limitations and embrace the limitless potential of the digital realm. This comprehensive documentation serves as your compass, guiding you through the intricate landscape of Infinity Void's capabilities, features, and best practices.

What is Infinity Void?

Infinity Void is a platform for open and interoperable metaverses. It isn't just another PaaS—it's your direct route to hassle-free innovation. Focus solely on your creativity while we handle the complexities of infrastructure.
Core Advantages
  • Singular Metaverse City: All experiences coexist within a unified 3D shared world—a singular metaverse city. With multiple access points, incoming traffic from any of the experiences hosted on the platform benefits others, creating a dynamic ecosystem where interactions ripple through different virtual domains, enriching the entire metaverse.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Infinity Void seamlessly spans across platforms, from web to mobile to desktop. Your applications maintain consistency and functionality, no matter where they're accessed.
  • Instant No Code Multiplayer Capabilities: Develop interactive multiplayer experiences without the hassle. Infinity Void provides the tools you need for creating engaging and responsive multiplayer functionalities.
  • Real-time Communications: Enable real-time communication between users, devices, and services. Infinity Void's real-time capabilities empower your applications to deliver instantaneous updates and interactions.
  • Effortless Scaling: As your user base grows, Infinity Void effortlessly scales your resources to accommodate increased demand. Your applications remain responsive and performant, adapting to changing needs seamlessly.
  • Cloud Distribution at No Additional Cost: Distribute your applications globally without worrying about additional costs for cloud distribution. Infinity Void includes Pixel Streaming (cloud distribution) as a core feature, expanding your reach without straining your budget.
  • No Code Creator Toolkit: Unlock creativity with Infinity Void's No Code Creator toolkit. Build functional prototypes and even complete applications without traditional coding, accelerating your development cycles and fostering innovation.
  • Plugin for Unreal Engine Integration: Elevate your game development with Infinity Void's dedicated plugin for Unreal Engine. Seamlessly integrate your Unreal Engine application within the Infinity Void platform using our noninvasive connector plugin.
  • Robust Creator Economy System: Empower landowners, developers, and artists with a sophisticated economy system. Generate revenue streams through virtual land ownership, collaborative development opportunities, and artistic contributions, creating a thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders.