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Web3 Identity

Your identity in the metaverse


Your avatar would be your primary and main identify for the metaverse.

Karma Points

The word karma borrowed from the Sanskrit language means the good or bad effect of doing something. Each user account in Infinity Void is governed by karma points.
The karma point system is an autonomous system. Karma points of a user will be determined by their actions. Helping the Infinity Void community, and abiding rules will result in gaining karma points. On the other hand, any action which is derogatory in nature shall result in the deduction of karma points.
Negative karma points result in user account suspension for 1 week. Three times account suspension leads to a permanent ban of the wallet connected to the user account.
(To be released)

Unique Name

Unique names are ENS subdomains minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
ENS subdomains allow you to set a unique name for your user account avatar. You can mint your personal ENS subdomain (unique name) via Users that don't mint a unique name will get a name represented by their name with unique number for example: "name#0000" (similar to Discord). Users who mint a unique name will be given that name. For example, if the users name is Daniel with ENS this will be "Daniel" while without it will be "Daniel#unique number".